How Online Shopping Continues to Impact Retail Companies

Don’t you remember when you were younger and your mom took you to the malls to go shopping? Those days are slowly adjusting to online shopping.

Online shopping lets customers review thousands of items in one place and pay for it in the comfort of their homes. This has affected retail companies and their strategies to stay in the competition with other retailers and online stores. In this piece, I’ll outline five different ways online shopping impacts retail companies.

#1 Decrease in Brand Loyalty Impacts Retail Companies

When you were growing up, your parents were content to buy the same brands from the store. It was familiar and something they could rely on.

When online shopping was introduced, consumers

could compare thousands of products and brands before going to the store. There are even specialized sites like a Shopping FM that collect the best deals with the click of a button.

Now, consumers go to a store looking for a specific brand and price based on online reviews.

#2 Online Reviews Impacts Retail Companies

Before online shopping arrived, you often asked your friends or family about a product you were considering purchasing. Now, consumers search on company websites, blogs, and social media for product reviews and recommendations.

When consumers make a trip to a store, they already know about the product and brand they’re considering buying. They want the reassurance of asking an employee in-person before making their final decision.

#3 Smartphone Impacts Retail Companies

Smartphones influence a consumer even when they’re doing in-store shopping. Often, consumers will walk around in the store with their phones. They’re reviewing and comparing products in the store to online and other retailer’s deals.

All of these factors persuade a consumer to make a purchase in-store or online.

#4 Company Websites Impact Retail Companies

Companies are turning to their websites to push people to come into their store and make a purchase. Often you’ll find companies offering coupons on their websites or email campaigns. The catch is, you can only use the coupon for an in-store purchase.

#5 Online Engagement Impacts Retail Companies

Online engagement goes beyond merely liking or following a company’s Facebook Page or Instagram account. When brands post enthusiastic posts that convey their mission and value statements, it helps make a deeper connection with their consumers.

Do you see any of these changes while you’re shopping online or in-person? Tell us about it in the comments or send us an email!

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